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NYRM Literary Society: Zamyatin and Truman Peyote

Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We is a book about a future city that is made entirely of glass.  A few centuries have rolled by, a hundred-year-long war has been fought, and now everything is completely different.  Humans are called by numbers, not names.  Everyone wakes up at the same time, goes to bed at the same time, […]

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Photos (for Impose): Team Robespierre, Total Slacker, Easter Vomit, and Truman Peyote at Don Pedro

This was one of those shows where I felt instantly transported back to my days at Olde Club.  Good bands playing short sets, and a PBR in between each.  A great way to spend a Thursday night.  I FINALLY got to see Team Robespierre, which was good, though a bit weary as I definitely needed […]

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