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SXSW 2010: Top Ten Favorite Performances

There’s so much going on at sxsw that it’s impossible to see even a sliver of what the week has to offer.  That’s why doing a top ten performances of the week list is sort of silly.  On the other hand, I saw some excellent new bands that I’d like to draw a little extra […]

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SXSW 2010: A Few Extra Photos

I had a few extra photos from SXSW.  I thought I’d simply post them here, in no particular order.  Plus, a few MP3s below. SXSW 2010: MP3: “Perverted Girl” – Happy Birthday MP3: “California Shakedown” – Pearl Harbor

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SXSW: Saturday

I know it’s Monday and that all of these performances happened on Saturday, but I never went to sleep that night, so it’s as if this post isn’t late.  Saturday brought freezing cold weather and drizzly rain to Austin, and it admittedly put a damper on everything.  After a miserable morning, I managed to obtain […]

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Recommended Weekend Shows: The Holiday Breakdown (plus four great MP3s)

Of course the one weekend when I decide I’m going to take a break from indie-rockdom and get out of this city is the weekend that someone decides to pack every sweet band into all at once.  Doesn’t it always seem to work that way?  If your 4th of July plans aren’t taking you away […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: Vivian Girls at Market Hotel

I try not classify bands as “all-girl.”  Just because you’re a woman and happen to be making music with other women doesn’t mean you should get described that way.  But I do seem to be on a roll today…tomorrow’s recommended show of the day is the Vivian Girls at Market Hotel at 8PM.  If you’ve […]

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Los Campesinos at Sound Fix Records

I’ve decided that I will do a daily post where I recommend a show happening in the New York area for the next day. I will call this “Show of the Day.” I will choose a show for the next day because I think people might want to plan ahead a little bit in their […]

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