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Recommended Sunday Show: Abe Vigoda, Wild Nothing, and MINKS at Bowery Ballroom

It’s a pretty slow Saturday night.  There’s a couple worthwhile shows happening, but none that really appeal to me.  So I’m not going to write about them.  Instead, let’s look to tomorrow.  A Wild Nothing/Abe Vigoda double bill at Bowery!  That will be fun!  I’m so glad these guys have the same booking agent, because […]

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Photos (for Impose): CMJ Days 4 + 5

Friday and Saturday of CMJ I got sick.  Really, really sick.  I mean, not really sick, but sick enough that I tried to go to shows past 8 o’clock but fell asleep on my feet and didn’t talk to anyone because my throat hurt too badly.  That’s why I don’t really have any photos or […]

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Recommended Friday Show: CMJ Day #4

It’s time to face facts.  You have some tough choices to make during the day on Friday.  First of all, there’s some great NYRM-approved bands playing at Cake Shop.  Rooftop Vigilantes, Your Youth, and Yellow Ostrich.  If that were a show during normal times, it would in and of itself be a can’t-miss.  I’m pretty […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: CMJ Day #2

1AM and I just stepped in for the first time since 10AM this morning.  These festival thingys are pretty exhausting.  Luckily for most everyone, tomorrow has a lot of good shows, but only a few real standouts.  I definitely recommend picking somewhere and staying put, at least as the nighttime is concerned.  If you’re lucky […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: CMJ Day #1

Welcome to day number one of CMJ.  There’s obviously a lot of music going on this week, and if you do a bit of planning ahead, it will be quite good.  While I feel that the quality of this year’s bands is a little bit thinner than in year’s past (more due to lack of […]

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Photos: Woodsman, Velvet Davenport, and Wild Nothing at Monster Island Basement

It was hot.  Monster Island Basement was packed for this show, and every body that trickled into the venue seemed to bring another degree of heat and humidity to the buzzing crowd.  When Woodsman played first, the air was bearable, but by the time Wild Nothing took to the stage you could feel the entire […]

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Recommended Friday Show: Ducktails, Wild Nothing, Velvet Davenport, and Woodsman at Monster Island Basement

Brace yourselves.  New York City is packing an entire season’s worth of music into the next week.  There are at least five different totally worthy shows this Friday night, eight more on Saturday, and starting next Thursday, a ridiculously exciting Northside Festival weekend.  Was the lineup this good or extensive last year?  I certainly don’t […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: Wild Nothing and Neon Indian at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Let me get one thing straight here.  I’m not recommending this show for Neon Indian.  His live show, really, is pretty boring.  Sure, it’s dancey and people like it, but the music has no soul!  No soul!  I’ll admit, “Should Have Taken Acid With You” is a pretty sweet song, though.  And his guitarist is […]

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Photos: Braids and Wild Nothing at The Knitting Factory

Tuesday night at The Knitting Factory felt like Friday night.  So many of the usual suspects gathered to catch Braids’ early set that at first it seemed like the show was going to turn into some sort of music industry/blogger showcase.  But as the crowd started to trickle in (lots of youngsters, clearly there for […]

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Recommended Tuesday Show: Wild Nothing and Braids at The Knitting Factory

I know two things about Braids.  They are from Canada and their song “Lemonade” sounds very, very good.  It starts off with an atmospheric electronic riff that continues almost throughout the entire song, but the track takes on a much more heartfelt and human tone than its opening might lean towards.  There’s something in the […]

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