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My Favorite Albums of 2010

I almost didn’t make this list.  I mean, come on.  It’s New Year’s Eve.  No one cares anymore.  Everyone’s just getting psyched for Ariel Pink or Titus tonight (you should definitely go to one of those shows, by the way), and looking forward to the whole music cycle starting over again in 2011.  I swear […]

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My Favorite 50 Songs of 2010: 50-41

Welcome to The New York Rockmarket’s end of the year list spectacular.  This is when I talk about how lists are fun but ultimately meaningless, and apologize for not posting the last few days because I’ve been compiling my lists.  This is also where I talk about favorites as opposed to best, like I did […]

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Recommended Friday Shows: Northside Festival Mania

I couldn’t choose one show to recommend for Friday.  You couldn’t possibly only go to one show tomorrow night.  Northside has packed Williamsburg with an absurd amount of good bands this Friday, and I’m going to give you a run down of all the ones I think are worth dropping by.  First and foremost, Famous […]

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Photos (for Impose): Woods and MV&EE with Joshua Light Show at Abrons Art Center

Last Thursday night I tentatively made my way down the long strip of Grand Street between the B/D station and the Williamsburg Bridge, keeping my eyes peeled for the mysterious Abrons Art Center.  Amidst one of the few places in Manhattan that still actually sort of resembles the type of neighborhood in novels like Lust […]

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SXSW 2010: Friday

I keep trying to find a moral in SXSW.  The point is to be in a band, and the rest of us are just plebeian followers.  Go home and practice your instrument until you can do it yourself.  Go home and practice your writing until you become a better critic.  Go home and give up […]

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Recommended Friday Show: Woods, Real Estate, Happy Birthday, and Wild Nothing at Music Hall of Williamsburg

The above photo is one I took of Real Estate from a Dead Herring show the first week in March of 2009.  It’s nice to look back on that post and know that they DID get the experience they needed and they will go on to do exciting things with their career.  The success of […]

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My Favorite Albums of 2009: 10-1

Well, this is it.  My top ten favorite albums of 2009.  There was so much great music this year that it feels strange to narrow it down to so few albums.  I really did love each of these though, and I hope you do, too.  Let me know what you think.  I probably won’t be […]

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My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009: 30-21

To recap:  As for My Favorite 50 Songs of 2009, I made a few rules for myself.  First, a band can only appear once.  Also, this is purely about singles I enjoy.  For instance, I would never put Harlem Shakes’ Technicolor Health on my favorite albums list, but “Sunlight” made it pretty high on this list […]

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CMJ: Tuesday Night's Recommended Show

This isn’t the kind of little CMJ show where you go and discover a bunch of great little gems that you’ve never heard of before.  This is one of those CMJ shows where you all you can think is, “Wow, a bill this weirdly awesome would never happen otherwise.”  Here We Go Magic, Titus Andronicus, […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: No Age and Woods at Le Poisson Rouge

This is going to be a fantastic show.  No Age just released a great, tight new EP as a follow-up to last year’s Nouns.  Their walls of organized noise will surely be looked upon as a huge influence for this year’s lo-fi renaissance when 2009 starts to become historicized.  I caught the two-some at SXSW, […]

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