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Recommended Wednesday Show: Fresh & Onlys, Royal Baths, and X-Ray Eyeballs at Shea Stadium

Ooooh this show is going to be so, so good.  Fresh & Onlys have a new album out (I haven’t heard it yet, boy am I behind, but I hear it’s very good), and are known to put on a pretty great live show.  And the last time I saw Royal Baths with Ty Segall […]

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Photos (for Impose): CMJ Day 3

As I mentioned yesterday (or very early this morning, as the case may be), CMJ Thursday was JAM PACKED.  I got to spend the day taking pictures at the Impose/Pop Jew party, and those will be up on Monday most likely.  After leaving The Woods, I decided that I was going to take it slow […]

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Recommended Thursday Show: CMJ Day #3

At least CMJ Thursday is pretty straight-forward during the day.  It’s the I Guess I’m Floating (one of my very favorite blogs) Pianos day party.  It’s pretty much wall-to-wall worthwhile bands including Baths, Beach Fossils, Oberhofer, Teen Daze, Young Man, Braids, and Gobble Gobble. The nighttime gets much more complicated.  Of course, part of this […]

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Photos (for Impose): Jacuzzi Boys, K Holes, Xray Eyeballs, and Shingles at Cake Shop

More photos!  Like I said, I’ve been pretty behind this week with my posts, but this should just about catch us up.  It began as a quiet Sunday evening in the basement of Cake Shop.  I walked in to Shingles’ set, a meandering three piece producing sloppy, angular, college rock.  I have absolutely no idea […]

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Recommended Sunday Show: Jacuzzi Boys and Xray Eyeballs at Cake Shop

Jacuzzi Boys are from Miami, so they won’t be around NYC all that often.  They play a really grungy type of rock and roll, and I hear their live show is pretty good.  They’re playing with Xray Eyeballs, a Golden Triangle variation, who are also one of the most excellent punk acts dominating Brooklyn right […]

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Photos (for Impose): Reading Rainbow, Family Trees, Xray Eyeballs, Total Slacker and Easter Vomit at Death By Audio

The good people at Impose Magazine posted my photos from Wednesday night’s reading Reading Rainbow show at Death By Audio.  Head on over and check them out. I was pretty disappointed in Philly’s Reading Rainbow.  From what I’d heard of them, I’d assumed they’d be this totally rocking twosome, kicking out jams and taking names. […]

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Recommended Wednesday Show: Reading Rainbow, Family Trees, Total Slacker, and X-Ray Eyeballs at Death By Audio

Wednesday at Death By Audio will be a total underground scuzzfest.  If you listen to all four of the band’s MySpaces, you’ll notice a few things in common.  Not particularly tight, poorly produced, and youthfully incorrect songs.  If you want a night of some of the coolest up-and-coming bands in Brooklyn (and Philadelphia) so you […]

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