MP3: Alabama Shakes “On Your Way”

I discovered Alabama Shakes in September, and immediately thought to myself, “What a great find!  I’m going to post about them as soon as I get the blog back up and running.  They’ll be a great unknown gem to get started with.”  Turns out I was only slightly ahead of the curve.  I mean, it isn’t hard to tell that these guys are going to be huge.  After playing a few CMJ shows, they slowly sold out Mercury Lounge and then somehow sold out the entirety of Brooklyn Bowl.  When I heard that, I thought I was confused, that the band had actually been more popular than I realized, but no, they’re just one of those overnight success stories (though this one has way more to do with their live show than the Internet, thank goodness).  It’s no wonder- Brittany Howard’s vocals and guitar presence are larger than life- surely a star in the making.  She sounds a lot like Sharon Jones- a seasoned performer who’s been in the biz for decades.  You can download more songs on their Bandcamp page– definitely worth the $4.

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