Recommended Friday Show: Super Vacations, Screens, PC Worship, Big Troubles, and The Surprisers at Death By Audio

This ought to turn out to be a pretty exciting show.  We already know and love Big Troubles and The Surprisers here on NYRM.  PC Worship and Super Vacations have been around for awhile, but have largely escaped our notice here.  I blogged about PC Worship a little while back, and I still think of them in the same way: some very cool, eclectic sounds.  Check out their track “So Denied” on their MySpace.  I think that’s a pretty good introduction to the group.  Super Vacations also have that acidy, reverby sound.  I have no idea how they are live, but the tunes on their MySpace are cool enough to make me interested.  I’m not too thrilled by what I hear from Screens, a little too much lo-fi rambling without much payoff, but maybe they’ll surprise me on Friday.  Either way, a nicely crafted show filled with enough sure bets and interesting new bands to make it very exciting night.

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