Recommended Friday Show: The Beets, Total Slacker, The Babies, Eternal Summers, and Night Manager at 285 Kent

This show is a greatest hits parade of all my favorite Brooklyn bands that I’ve seen way too many times.  For example, basically any show you go to in a small venue in New York is going to have The Beets, some form of Total Slacker, some form The Babies, or Night Manager on the bill these days.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these bands.  But for this show, they’re all TOGETHER and that’s AWESOME.  This crowd is going to be full of friends and friends of friends, so it’s definitely going to be more like a party than a show.  And 285 Kent is apparently the old West Nile space renamed?  Not sure, haven’t been there yet. Eternal Summers are NOT from Brooklyn, as I’ve blogged many times, but they are a NYRM favorite.  This show is already “killing it.”

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