Recommended Saturday Show: Black Dice, Blues Control, McDonalds, and Avey Tare DJ Set at The Schoolhouse

I complain a lot about my distaste for many electronic/noise bands on this site.  It’s true- I’m bad at liking that kind of music and I feel like a critical failure.  But Black Dice and Blues Control?  These are two absolutely fantastic electronic noise outfits.  Black Dice use all kinds of warped noises and twisted bits of unrecognizable sounds to make songs that crunch in your ears.  To me, Black Dice are trying new things and creating music that’s innovative, challenging, but also inspires common emotions in listeners.  So much new noise/electronic music I hear just makes me cranky, but definitely not Black Dice. (I’m guessing a lot of this problem stems from the fact that listening to a mediocre punk band or power pop band is a pretty easy thing to do, but listening to a mediocre noise artist is more difficult to less trained ears- it’s a more challenging genre to begin with.)  Blues Control combines some really sick guitar parts with churchy-sounding keyboard parts to create extremely fun songs that I want to be playing behind me during epic commutes to work- like when you just get on the Q train before the doors slam shut.  They’re from Baltimore and have been around for a long time and deserve way more recognition than they get.

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