Recommended Saturday Show: JEFF the Brotherhood, Heavy Cream, Hell Beach, X-Ray Eyeballs, and Colleen Green at Death By Audio

Mmmhhmmm, this is one of those reliably excellent rock-your-face-off shows.  JTB is supposed to be the “secret guest,” but the cat is all the way out of the bag at this point.  JEFF has been playing places like Bowery and MHOW lately, so this show is going to be packed, sweaty, and an absurd amount of fun.  All of the openers are excellent, as well.  If you haven’t listened to JEFF’s new album, We Are The Champions, you’re sorely missing out.  It’s excellent drum/guitar duo punk rock, but they do it better than anyone else out there right now.  Not sure how, but they do.  I think that they have a strong commitment to playing DIY shows, but their time for that may be coming to a close.  I suggest you make it out this Saturday to see them.

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