Recommended Saturday Show: Record Store Day at Cake Shop

Record Store day is fantastic in theory.  There’s all these bands playing for free and you can go see them and buy new exclusive records and hang out all day and then record stores live forever.  In reality, it’s more like, “Man.  I really want to buy all these records.  What’s that?  Oh right, I work a crappy day job and have no money for food or rent, so I probably shouldn’t buy these records and support bands and record stores, even though I really want to.”  But I say, throw caution to the wind this Record Store Day!  Cake Shop is hosting a fantastic all-day event.  Cape Shok Record Mart will be up and running (so maybe you can get some good deals and save some dough) and there’s even going to be a contest for a $100 bar tab.  That will save you money and get you drunk!  And wait- you haven’t even heard the best part: Eternal Summers, Natural Child, McDonalds, and Widowspeak are all playing!  It’s gonna be a fun day on Ludlow tomorrow.

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