Recommended Saturday Show: The Coathangers, So So Glos, and The Ex Humans at Death By Audio

The cool kids are going to get allll split up this Saturday night.  You’ve got Magic Kids playing at Silent Barn and a Chocolate Bobka showcase with Velvet Davenport and Big Troubles at Shea Stadium.  Not to mention some might opt for Ariel Pink at Webster Hall.  Personally, when I saw Velvet Davenport at Monster Island, I found their drum machine disappointing, and that their live guitar sounds didn’t come anywhere close to the vintage tinge that makes them so good on record.  And Magic Kids are great, sure, but how much twee can we really take (actually, this is going to be a great show, too, you should totally go)?

This Saturday night should be reserved for punk.  Death By Audio’s line up is seriously kick-ass, and will inspire a lot of moshing.  Fear not, my cynical mid-twenties and older readers with aching backs.  This show will totally be enjoyable if you stand in the back and just listen and watch all the kiddos up front.  The Coathangers are from Atlanta, Georgia, and their shred-worthy songs are all tinged with a great sense of black humor.  Dark humor is what makes the best punk bands the best punk bands, and you’ll definitely want to catch these guys while they’re in town.  (Listen to the song below.  If you don’t at least tap your toes a little and smile, especially if you’re a lady, then just go back to being lame and quit reading my blog.)  So So Glos, of course, are playing, and so are Brooklyn’s Ex Humans, another seriously 70s inspired punk band.

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