Recommended Thursday Show: The Walkmen, School of Seven Bells, and Tennis at Terminal 5

I can’t really believe I’m recommending at Terminal 5 show, but you know what, I FEEL like doing it, so what.  Sure, it’s a long haul to get up and out to the venue, and the tickets are $30 day of show (still available, though), but every once in awhile it’s nice to go to a really big show at a really big venue with masses of people when all the bands are good.  The Walkmen’s 2010 album is starting to show up on many end of year lists, plus they’re sort of a classically good band to see at this point.  Some people find School of Seven Bells annoying, and rightly so I suppose, but I still think their hypnotic album from a few years ago, Alpinisms, is pretty cool to throw on now and then.  And Tennis is one of the poppier delights of 2010.  I say, this one time, it’s worth it to go on out to T5.  Especially if you missed all of those Bob Dylan shows, I’m sure it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the venue.

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