Recommended Thursday Show: Woodsman at Cake Shop

his show happened, but I wrote this up and forgot to post it.  And the MP3 is really good:

When your average indie music fan is presented with instrumental, more experimental music, I think the general reaction tends to be, “Okay, that’s nice, but I’m probably not going to listen to that, and it would honestly probably be boring to watch an entire concert of.”  They might not admit that out loud, but I’m guessing they’re probably thinking it.  Maybe they sort of like Mogwai, but that’s the extent of it.

Woodsman isn’t something that you’re going to put on in the car on your way to the beach (probably not) or on Saturday night at your dinner party (probably not), but if you want to expand your musical box just a little bit, then this band is for you!  They create instrumental compositions that are most successful when compelled by guitars, though they’re pretty heavy on the electronics, too.  It’s not noise music, but it isn’t as easy as something like Mogwai- nor as difficult as some more out there Sonic Youth.  The music is often pretty and often exciting, and watching them live adds another great element, as you can watch to see how they’re creating the many layers in their songs.  They have a fantastic new track out, and you can download it below or check them out at Cake Shop.

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