Recommended Tuesday Show: Surf City, Darlings, and Little Racer at Glasslands

Darlings have a new EP out!  That’s good news, especially for anyone who’s ever listened to Yeah I Know. There are truly some puzzling things about this whole indie rock game, and one of life’s biggest mysteries is how terrible, terrible Brooklyn bands keep blowing up and Darlings haven’t yet.  This is one of the best bands in the borough, period.  New song below.  Surf City, from New Zealand, are also worth checking out.  Lots of fast, pop-ish guitar that’s got enough drive to keep it interesting.  I’d never heard of Little Racer before, but their Bandcamp reveals three songs with some interesting guitar parts, if too many childhood-instrument-type musical ideas.  This will be the kind of show you’ll go to, and all the bands will be surprisingly good, and you’ll leave way more satisfied than you thought you would.  You should go.

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