Recommended Wednesday Show: LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5

Ugh, I’m sure you already know that this week is LCD Soundsystem’s last run of shows ever of all time, and I HATE T5, but it’s kind of been a slow week for shows.  If you’ve never seen LCD before, do it this week.  You really should.  Even if you only like them a little bit or know a few songs.  I feel relatively certain that this will be one of those bands your future kids will think you’re pretty cool over when you say you saw them when.  Back in the day.  And this is your last chance ever.  An LCD show is a life-affirming, heart-touching EXPERIENCE.  You’ll dance, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll dance some more.  Hopefully the drunk girl on ecstasy next to you won’t barf on your shoes.  If that doesn’t happen, and even if it does, you’ll have a great time.  So go on Craigslist, do whatever you need to do, and get tickets to at least one of these shows this week.

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