Recommended Wednesday Show: Tennis, Family Portrait, Miracles of Modern Science, and La Big Vic at Mercury Lounge

Welcome back from Thanksgiving!  I don’t know about you, but I just ate a TON of food.  I was in New Jersey in a cheese/mashed potato coma, so forgive me for the lack of posting.  There were some great shows over the weekend, but we’ve now entered the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when the shows really slow down.  That’s why I’m looking ahead to Wednesday.

And the middle of the week sees us asking whether Mercury Lounge has suddenly transplanted itself to Brooklyn and become DIY.  Tennis, Family Portrait, and La Big Vic have been regulars on this blog of late, and all are definitely worth catching live.  I’ve never written about Miracle of Modern Science before, but they play a mostly successful combination of chamber pop and mathy indie.  Their sound is definitely unique and I mostly like it, if I find their songwriting a bit unpolished.  For a four band bill, this is top to bottom a good time.

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