Recommended Wednesday Show: White Fang, Turbosleaze, and Jesse Carsten at Silent Barn

This Wednesday’s show is a real sloppy guitar party at Silent Barn.  I really like all of the Turbosleaze songs I’ve heard- all angular guitars.  That’s pretty much it.  Angular guitars.  Really upbeat songs, too.  Take a listen below; they’re cool.  And they seem like fun live.  I’m not sure if this is your idea of fun, but it looks fun to me.  White Fang are from Oregon, and they play sloppy, gross punk rock and roll.  Think of The Beets except from the West Coast and a little more drunk and with just a slightly smaller amount of humour.  I’m unfamiliar with Jesse Carsten, but his MySpace reveals really lo-fi, occasionally experimental bedroom ditties.  Check it out if you’re not too interested in songs sounding good but are really interested in songs sounding interesting.  I think this show is a fantastic occasion to bro out, and that you should definitely go.

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